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Southgait Foxtrotters

Before we bought our horses, we investigated many different breeds to narrow it down to what would be good for us.  We wanted horses that would be fun to ride, but easy to control.  As we learned about the different breeds, we became interested in gaited horses.  After riding gaited horses, we were sold!

You might ask, “Why a Missouri Foxtrotter?”  Although there are other breeds that are gaited, Missouri Foxtrotters were bred for their quiet dispositions, and willingness to please, as well as their smooth gait.  They are ideal horses for people of all ages and experience levels.  Whether it’s a fast gait, a cantor, or a flat walk, it is an awesome ride! 

Once we got our Fox Trotters, we noticed how easy it was for us to deal with our horses in most situations, compared to other breeds.  Our Foxtrotters just seemed to be much calmer than most.  People started noticing our horses, and asking about them.  The next thing we knew, people were asking us to find them a horse.

As we all know, finding the right horse is not always easy.  We look for good genetics, a good disposition, and a smooth gait.  We spend lots of time in training at our Mississippi ranch and on the trails so that when we finally sell our horses, they can be ridden anywhere.    

Want to know more?  Give us a call or email us.  We’d love to hear from you.