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The Missouri Fox Trotter was developed during the 19th century by settlers who needed easy riding, durable mounts that could travel long distances, were sure-footed, and could cover a lot of ground at a good gait.  Pioneers who poured across the Mississippi River and settled in the Ozarks came largely from Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia.  Naturally they brought along saddle horses, popular in those areas.  It soon became apparent that horses able to perform the easy, broken gait called the Fox Trot were the most useful in the rocky, forest covered hills of the Ozarks, and selective breeding of the Fox Trot gait began.

The distinguishing characteristic of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse is the Fox Trot gait; the horse walks with the front feet and trots with the hind feet.  This extremely sure-footed gait gives the rider little jar since the hind feet slide into place.  The Fox Trot is a rhythmic gait and the horse can maintain it for long periods of time with little fatigue.  The Missouri Fox Trotter also performs a rapid flat foot walk and a delightful canter.

In addition to their gait, Fox Trotters are known for their gentle dispositions and willing attitudes.  They make excellent trail horses and are ridden in competition, endurance and pleasure riding.  They are used by hunters and forest rangers for their endurance and sure-footedness in rugged terrain, by ranchers for their versatility and intelligence, and on Hollywood movie sets for their gentle nature.  The have earned a reputation as a horse for all situations.    

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