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Training Foxtrotters!

We are a small, family business and are proud of the quality of our horses.  We typically train and sell 3 or 4 horses per year that we have chosen for their genetics, disposition and overall confirmation and appearance.


Our Horses in Training

Videos to be posted soon

Championship Palomino                                                                             Won the Championship

Spit’s Gold Train

Winner of the

2009 National Breeders Cup Classic

Open Yearling, Model Division


Reserve World Champion at Ava

Open 2009 Yearling Studs & Geldings Model


Our beautiful new addition is off to a great start!  He was a year old in June, so for now we are just developing his social skills and exposing him to as much as we can to help prepare him for future trail riding.  He loves attention, and has even loaded into the trailer himself, not wanting to be left behind.  From the way he gaits around the field, he looks like he will be as smooth as he is pretty.